List of Common Gardening Tools

Common Gardening Tools

The journey of a gardener includes use of common gardening tools, at some stage. It can be frustrating to purchase gardening tools that look like they will do the job you have in mind. Only to use them on a project and realise they are not really what you had in mind or worse they do unwanted damage, to a gardening project because they are not the right tools for the job at hand.

We have put together a list of the most common gardening tools and the jobs they are designed for, to help you identify, select and use gardening tools, better. Some gardening tools look similar, which doesn’t help when you are new to the gardening world. Coupled with the fact that some of them do not come cheap, it is helpful to know a little before parting with your cash.

List of Common Gardening Tools

Dutch Hoe

Typically used to to remove weeds from surface soil (approximately 1 inch deep), by pushing and pulling through the hoe through the soil. Although, deep weed roots will need to be removed by hand or with a Hori Hori Knife. The hoe is less effective on rocky soil. Sometimes used to shape soil, also. The Dutch Hoes blade is sharp on all it’s edges, usually sharpened with a file or stone in between use. This tool is great if you are intending to cover a lot of soil. Best used on dry soil. Those with soft padded grip on the handle are preferable.


Perfect for achieving a professional looking finish when creating flower bed edges and/or cutting straight or curved lines in soil or lawns of grass. Best used on damp soil. Also, great for removing weed roots. Tip – many gardeners first measure the area to be cut beforehand and then use string to mark the area before cutting.

Garden Hose

Used to water plants, hedges and grass, using multi spray hose nozzles with changeable functions will ensure that you can use one hose for a variety of watering requirements. Saves refilling water cans or containers numerous times. Pressure nozzles are great for cleaning up mess after gardening too.

Hand Trowel

There are many types of hand trowels, with the main difference among the variations being in the edges and depth of the dip in the middle. Hand trowels can be used for a variety of things in the garden. Generally used to dig small holes and break up soil for planting or transplanting small indoor plants to outdoors and vise versa. Can be purchased for each specific use also, weeding trowel, transplanting trowel etc. Typically come as set (Hand Trowel & Fork Set).

Hori Hori Knife

A tool of versatility and a favourite of many gardeners. Used for removing and transplanting plants, easily cuts out plant and weed roots. Great for cutting harvest and marking out lines in soil, also good for loosening and breaking up soil. Warning of caution, the blade is very sharp.

Lawn Mower

Used to cut smooth lines in lawns of grass, accurately, evenly and effortlessly.

Before we get into loppers, pruners and shears note that these are the commonly confused with each other, as they are similar. It can be confusing knowing which ones to use or purchase. If you use them for the wrong gardening job you can damage them. Generally they are all used for tidying up and cutting back the growth of plants and trees, as well as harvesting fruit and veg.


Two types Anvil and Bypass. They allow for precise and clean cutting of tree branches and twigs,  more robust than pruners but give a cleaner cut than saws.


Gardeners scissors, used for cutting and pruning thin tree branches, plants and shrubs. Great to keep plants and bushes tidy. Not ideal for thick branches or hardwood trees, loopers or a pruning saw would be a better choice for those jobs.

Pruning Saw

Used to saw through hard thick branches that are hard to cut or would damage or break other tools.


The broom of the garden. Used to rake leaves, debri and rocks. Also used to loosen soil before planting.


Similar to pruners, used for, tidying or trimming hedges and bushes.


Essential for transporting soil, gardening products and equipment around the garden.

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  1. Thanks for following my blog, OO! I’m about to plant my first herb garden (in pots, on my back porch) so I’m going to go back through your blog posts for tips.


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