Easy to Grow Fruit & Veg

7 Easy to Grow Fruit & Veg Ideas

A few things to consider before growing any seeds.

  1. Seed Selection – Pick good seeds to start with and plan to plant more than 1 seed
  2. Many seeds grow better by first germinating the seeds
  3. Research, in reading guides like this one you will be better equipped to successfully grow seeds to trees
  4. Potting, once seeds have roots if they are not grown in soil pots from the start,  they will require potting into soil. Each plant will have a soil preference.
  5. Within 4-6 weeks of potting fruit or veg the soil may require fertilising
  6. New fruit and veg can be susceptible to insect infestation if the soil used for potting is not suitable. If there soil is watered too often or airflow is restricted this can also contribute to infestation. Try repotting in new soil and ensuring air holes are present on the pot and soil.

Apple Seeds:

If using shop bought apples for their seeds, try to select apples grown locally, organic loose apples are a good choice. Choose more than one type of apple and do note that you may not end up with an apple tree that is they same as the apple that its seed came from. As grafting is commonly used for faster fruit and veg production.

  • Remove and clean seeds with water
  • Line the clean seeds up on plant trays/mats or kitchen towel and zip bag, to begin the process of germinating the seeds.
  • Place in refrigerator or sunny window for several weeks or until roots appear, keep moist throughout
  • Once seeds germinate, plant in small pots (clean transparent yogurt pots in our case) about 1 inch deep, using the correct soil and place in sunny window.
    Repot into larger pot in Spring or Summer

Avocado Seeds:

df3dbc59-ad6a-4c5b-9296-72cd4b029a8cLoose organic avocados work best when using shop bought avocados for their seeds, patience is key. One of the longest to germinate, typically 2-3 months before roots emerge from seed. Low maintenance until they sprout and then attention must be paid to the soils nutrient levels and plants exposure to light and heat. Plant grow lights are recommended when growing in colder climates.



Toothpick Method

  • Remove seed from Avocado, wash thoroughly with water. Dry with a tea towel or kitchen roll.
  • Using a marker pen, date a clear plastic pint cup
  • Peel the thin brown outer layer of skin off the seed (this can be done after 2 days of submerging in water, also)
  • Using protective gloves and 3 toothpicks, pierce the Avocado 3 quarters towards the bottom (flat end) – (pointed end is the top) with the toothpicks so at an angle so the Avocado Seed sits inside the cup
    Balance the toothpick edges on the rim of the cup/glass and fill with water until the
  • Avocado Seed is at least half-submerged in water
  • Alternatively, use the top of a plastic bottle
  • Place in a sunny window and change the water every 4-5 days, add small amount of water every 2-3 days as it evaporates
  • When roots appear appropriately (4-5 weeks) change water every 2-3 days taking care not to damage the roots
  • Pot in soil when stem emerges from the top of seed

Lemon Seeds:

Paper Towel Method, works best for lemon seeds, however, potting straight to soil also grows these little seedlings. It is important to keep lemon trees warm once they have sprouted, do not allow the soil to dry out, fertilising is essential for lemon seeds to grow into mature trees, with time. Lemon trees will bare fruit within 2-3 years of sprouting from seed. Grafting is commonly used in order for plants to bare fruit quicker. In regards to lemon trees, a cutting from a mature lemon tree would be attached to the seed that has been germinated successfully and sprouted.

  • Clean Lemon Seed with water and dry with a cloth or paper towel
  • Fold kitchen towel into a half place clean Lemon seed on top and fold again
  • Wet paper towel and place in a zip bag until seed grows a small root
  • Keep paper towel moist at all times, leave to germinate in sunny window or dark warm cupboard (both work well)
  • When roots appear prepare small potting pot
  • Place clean seed on the middle and cover with more soil
  • Water lightly and place in a sunny window.
  • Stem should emerge from soil within 2-3 weeks
  • Keep inside if germinating in winter and place baby lemon tree outside in Spring


Onions that are out of date work great, simply place in a cup of water ( bottom down) and roots grow!

  • Using a small glass or pot (wide enough for the onion to fit inside, without touching the bottom)
  • Fill glass/pot half way and place onion in water.
  • Leave in a sunny window
  • Change water every 4-5 days
  • Roots should appear within 7-10 days and then sprout within 2-3 weeks
  • Peel onion skin off within 2 weeks of submerging in water

Pineapple (top):

  • Using the top of a fresh pineapple
  • Gently pull off several of the leaves closest to the part that was cut away from the pineapple itself.
  • Place in water and change water every 3-4 days
  • Roots should appear within 4-5 weeks, not all pineapple tops will grow roots just like not all seeds will germinate. Try more than one

Spring onion:

  • Using bottom (root end) of used spring onions
  • Place spring onions in clean glass of water, covering the roots and about 1 cm of stem
  • Sprouts should start to regrow within 4-5 days
  • Change water every 2-3 days


Tomatoes that have softened worked best.

  • Slice Tomato.
  • Using a medium-sized potting plant, fill 3/4 of pot with soil.
  • Lay sliced tomato on top of soil.
  • Cover with more soil.
  • Water lightly.
  • Within 2 weeks there should be some sprouting, of beautiful purple stems and bright green leaves, initially.
  • Fertiliser is key to survival for tomato trees

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3 thoughts on “Easy to Grow Fruit & Veg

  1. Keep trying! In experience Avocado seeds do well in water until the stem emerges then it should be potted. It might help to use a fertiliser or organic feed in the early stages. We grow many Avocado seeds successful, check out our instagram page for some images of the success, if you need some inspiration.

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  2. I’ve tried some of these. Got the avocado seed sprouting and then – death 😦 It seems my green thumb has yet to be birthed. My husband tells me my expertise lies in killing plants. Either by neglect of smothering with love. I do have a handful of very resilient plants that have survived my ministrations for decades…… 🙂


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