Plants and Trees Optimal Growth Tips

Medicine Bottle PlanterTo get the best experience and results from growing plants and trees (in all their varieties), it is important to consider
the natural growing conditions of plants and trees. Generally speaking, for plants and trees to grow they require sunlight, water and some nutrients (soil). This should see that the plant is able to perform photosynthesis and grow.

Plants and trees require; different amounts of water, soil and sunlight exposure along with varying optimal temperatures and soil composition.

With these basics to cover some homework on the particular specimen of plant or tree is necessary. It is essential for optimal growth of any plant or tree to first know what its requirements are;

  1. Is it an indoor or outdoor grower
  2. How often does it need to be watered
  3. How much drainage does its soil need
  4. Is acidic or alkaline soil best
  5. What weather conditions is it fit for
  6. Does it need fertilising and how often
  7. Is it prone to any particular garden pests

These are just some of the things to consider before running out and purchasing any tree or plant. It can be crushing to invest in a tree and have it slowly wither away on you, due to not knowing little about how to care for it.

Here at Organic Occasions we once purchased a fairly large, beautiful, Bonsai Tree, that also had a large price tag to match its size. With no knowledge of the tree except its name and a rough idea of its country of origin, it looks great! Was the basis of the purchase. While we were none the wiser that even some of the most experienced of green fingers admit that Bonsai trees are actually hard work to grow, successfully. Sadly, our first Bonsai didn’t make it past its first winter.

salad-water-garden-plant.jpgKnowing your particular plant or trees general growing conditions, before purchasing saves you a lot mistakes.

It is also then possible to optimise the potential growth of that plant or tree by enhancing the quality of its soil, water, fertiliser and the immediate surrounding atmosphere, it is growing within. Just as each plant will require more or less water, they also prefer different water pH and different nutrients in their soil. Think of the soil as the plants home and the water as the quality of air in the home.

As plants absorb nutrients from their soil, it is important to first select the correct soil. If germinating plants from seeds or simply repotting, check the right amount of drainage and soil type, for the plant or tree so it is able to breathe and grow to its best ability. It is beneficial to also introduce a feed or fertiliser that matches the nutrients found in the soil of the plant’s natural growing habitat. That is, if you are growing a plant that is a native of another country, its best to check what is naturally available in the soil of its native country. Nutrient rich water, feed and or fertiliser is the easiest way to add the plants preferred nutrients, to soil.

Using some of the following organic feed or fertilizer options, is the usual go to here at Organic Occasions:

  • Cooled black organic tea
  • Soaked banana skin water
  • Crushed egg shells
  • Slightly acidic or alkaline treated water

Fertilisers particularly help speed things up, when planting fruit or veg bearing trees, as most of them are heavy feeders and absorb nutrients quite quickly. It will also give your green friend the optimal conditions for producing good quality fruit or veg.

If you want to speed things up further, with fruit bearing plants and trees grafting is a common tactic used among gardeners. To graft is to take a mature cutting from the same type of plant or tree and plant it in with the younger plant or tree.

In addition to organic feeds and fertiliser, adding one or two of the same type of tree or plant. Along with one or two other specimens of plants or trees, that would usually be found growing in close proximity to your green friend, if it were in its natural habitat. Is a great way to enhance growth, pollination and air quality.

It’s important to check the root growth of your green friend often too. Especially it produces fruit or veg. As they tend to outgrow plant pots quickly and eventually need planting in the ground. It will be some 6 or more years before you have to worry about that. Nevertheless space is often limited as we see more an more urban spaces being created and back gardens becoming a thing of the past. Despite a decline in the building of houses and rise in apartment construction potted trees and vertical gardens are becoming increasingly popular. When roots have outgrown a pot repotting into a larger pot to allow the roots to continue to grow and stems to thicken, is crucial.


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