Vertical Gardens 4 Step Guide

IMG_4418Vertical Garden: 4 Step Guide

One way to fit many plants into a small space, is creating indoor or outdoor vertical gardens. Organic Occasions first vertical garden experiment cost under £30, overall (including plants). Empty plastic water bottles, some small potted plants (season appropriate), string and mini pegs, were the main materials used to make a beautiful, cost effective vertical garden. It’s so simply to recreate we created an easy to follow 4 steps guide on how to create a vertical garden.


  1. Pick a location (indoors or outdoors), for the Vertical Garden to be installed/assembled. Choose areas relatively free of direct activity, reduce amount of knocks and bumps the plants may encounter any space.
  2. Decide on whether the vertical garden pots will be shop purchased or home-made. (Check out our DIY Vertical Garden for inspiration).
  3. Pick a or a selection of plants to use for the vertical garden. Try to be mindful of the current season, the climate the plants are going to now live in, whether the plants survive indoors or outdoors, are low or high maintenance etc.
  4. Build and install purchased or DIY Vertical Garden pots. Fill with plants.

It can be nice to decorate the surrounding area with plants, once the vertical garden has been installed.



18 small potted plants.
6 empty water bottles
Mini pegs
Cable ties

  • Separate empty water bottles into 3 sections (Top, middle and bottom). Creating 3 types of pots.
  • Repeat on all 6 bottles. Giving 6 pots of each type.
  • Connect identical pots together with mini pegs (Organic Occasions used a glue gun to seal around the pegs).
  • There should be 3 sections of 6 pots; 1 section of 6 Tops, 1 section of 6 middles and 1 section of bottoms (for description sake). All of which should be pegged/clipped together (in their sections) and secured.
  • Hang each section with 3 loops of string. 1 loop of string at either end and also in the middle of each section (use more if necessary).
  • Hang sections of pots while empty (fill with plants later).
  • Whether starting at the top or bottom, increase or decrease length of string as you go, to create different heights.
  • Finally, fill each section with plants and enjoy a DIY vertical garden.

Used water bottles, upcycled into a retro vertical garden, filled with colourful season friendly plants, is a great indoor garden idea for keen gardeners with limited space. You do have to spend on plant pots, there are many everyday items that can be transformed into Plant Pots.


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