Caring for Potted Christmas Trees

Caring for potted Christmas trees:

  1. Pick a tree that is appropriate for your climate.
  2. Ensure the rooting system is not bursting out of the bottom of the pot before purchasing a Christmas tree, as typically no one wants to have to repot their festive tree when they return home to decorate it.
  3. The trees survival will depend on how it is cared for before and while it is indoors. as these trees thrive outdoors rather than indoors.
  4. Ideally  the tree should be purchased no more than 2-3 weeks prior to the festive seasons big day (December 25th). Before bringing the tree indoors its best to keep it in a cool place, like a conservatory or garage for a few days to a week if possible, this will allow the tree to adjust to the warmer temperatures indoors.
  5. Water the tree well while it is the conservatory or garage space.
  6. When the tree is indoors and ready for decoration, its best to keep it in a well ventilated place in the home, that you can keep cool easily by opening windows and doors, periodically, throughout the trees vacation indoors.
  7. Water the christmas tree every 3-4 days while indoors but ensure it is safe to do so beforehand, check that lights are off from the mains or battery pack and allow the water to absorb into the soil before putting the lights back on.
  8. Be mindful that indoor heating can be detrimental for these trees and should be used modestly while the tree is indoors.
  9. Ideally the tree should not stay indoors for more than 10 days or so, as durations longer than that tend to be detrimental to these trees long-term survival. The branches will droop and lose their fullness if it stays indoors in warm temperatures for too long.
  10. Be mindful that the lights used to decorate Christmas trees also emit heat and while small LED lights are no real bother to these trees, larger lights can damage the tree.
  11. When the festive season is over the tree should be stored outside in its pot or planted in the ground. However if you aim to use the tree again the following year, its advisable not to plant it in the ground but rather repot it each time the roots outgrow the pot.


The beloved tree that is reminiscent of the festive season. Cut down every year for elaborate decoration. Only for it to make a prickly mess to clean, as it dies, beneath the beautifully crafted decorations, that sit on it. Then in the bin it goes. Year in year out. Each year most swearing not to buy them again because there are still small prickly green sticks, lodged in the carpet, mid February…

Potted Christmas Trees

Typically, the same stores that sell cut Christmas Trees usually sell potted Christmas Trees too. They are just as good and reasonably priced. Although a little attention to the tree is required, a potted Christmas tree is undeniably beautiful, smelling fresh and staying green of cared for sufficiently and of course, it also provides additional oxygen to a room. It’s never too late to switch to a potted tree for the festive season. Look after them and they can be reused indoors for decoration each Christmas or until it’s planted outside. Christmas trees do grow into very large trees, that can be a downside of potted Christmas trees, if there is a lack of space. Also, the roots of most trees are quite ferocious and the taller the tree grows the more roots are required to keep the water supply working well.

It is important to choose a size suitable for purpose, ideally a fairly small tree would be best suited for indoor Christmas decoration, between 3-5 feet, are good choices (larger ones don’t like pots so much). Stay mindful that they are outdoor trees that thrive in winter, so if you are known for having the heating on full blast, it probably isn’t going to be too pleased.

Potted Christmas trees are best kept in the coolest part of the room, when indoors, preferably by a window. Be sure to open doors and windows to let some of the cool winter breeze in daily, to help the tree stay cool. Check the top of the soil in the pot and water frequently.  When indoors watering is crucial to its survival.

Try to check that the trees pot has good drainage and something  underneath to catch any excess water, if your tree does not come in a Christmas tree plant pot.

Think of the number of trees sacrificed for Christmas, over the years so far before purchasing another cut tree.

Trees take a long time to grow, their production of oxygen also gets greater with size. Why not save the effort Company’s go to even stocking large volumes of the tress, just for Christmas! Each year retaining more and more oxygen, effortlessly.

Imagine everyone used a potted Christmas Tree to decorate instead of cut or artificial trees. Storing the potted tree outside when the festive season ends, to use the following year. So much oxygen could be maintained. Some of us don’t have space to store a tree and for that reason, you can now donate it to Organic Occasions, allowing you to say no to cut trees to. Just email us for a free postage pack to send your tree in, when the festive season is over and we’ll have it planted, or just simply purchase a small one seen as it is going to grow each year and potted trees, too, come in all sizes.

Organic Occasions will now only use potted trees, for the festive season. Follow us on Instagram to see some of the journeys of our potted Christmas trees

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